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Stories for Children (age-range 5-8 years) Competition
Entry form details and rules:-
PRIZES:- 1st £100 plus small book publication, 2nd £50 plus website publication 3rd £25 plus website publication
JUDGED by the Thynks Team


For postal entries:- (For online entries click HERE)
1. Entries will be disqualified if not in accordance with the rules.
2. Stories MUST be your own work and not previously published or accepted for publication.
3. Manuscripts must be typed and written in English and can be up to 5000 words.. Please keep your own copy as they will not be returned.
4. The title of your story, your name, address and telephone number, plus email if you have one, must be typed on a separate sheet of paper to your manuscript - a number will be put on this sheet when the work is listed. Please use a pseudonym if you know anyone in the Thynks Team. The manuscript itself should only bear the title to be typed on each page.
5.If you have an email address then receipt of your entry plus results of the competition can be sent to you. Results will be displayed on the website:-
6. Deadline is August 31st 2012. (If there are very few entries then the deadline will be extended and entrants given the option of staying in the competition or withdrawing and being refunded)
7.Winners to be announced on November 30th 2012 and prize monies distributed. The prizewinners will have their stories published on the website - please allow time for this to be done..
8.Copyright remains with the authors but Thynks Publications Limited reserves the rights to publish the story in various forms.
9.The entry fee of £5 per story needs be sent along with the MSS and Identification sheet. UK Cheques or postal orders are acceptable (no cash) and should be made out to 'Thynks Publications Limited.' Poets paying in foreign currencies will need to enter online.
10.Correspondence cannot be entered into. The Judges decisions are final. Good luck to all entrants.

Traveling for Fun, Adventure & Relaxation Blog Writing Contest
Share your travel experiences!

» Would you like to share your travel experiences from a fantastic (or not so fantastic) trip or vacation you are currently on or took in the past?

» Do you live in a popular (or not so popular) travel destination and would like to share what makes your town or city special with other travelers?

If you answered yes to either question above, you could become the lucky winner of the CruiseTrust Vacations and Trendy Traveler Community "Traveling for Fun, Adventure and Relaxation Blog Contest".

Contest Winners will be selected in 3 categories

At the end of the contest, CruiseTrust staff will determine the winners of the CruiseTrust Vacations' Traveling for Fun, Adventure and Relaxation Blogs Contest.

One First Place Winner in the category "Best Travel Blog" will receive $500.
One First Place Winner in the category "My Favorite Trip or Vacation" will receive $250.
One First Place Winner in the category "My Hometown / Destination Business is a Great Travel Destination Because..." will receive $250.

How to enter the Traveling for Fun, Adventure and Relaxation Blogs Contest:

Step 1:

Like Trendy Travel Community on Facebook, Follow @TrendyTravelers on Twitter. Updates on this and other contests will also be posted to these pages.

Step 2:

If you are already a member of Trendy Traveler Community, sign in to myAccount and start blogging.

If you are not yet a member, sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account or register for a free account.

What can I blog about in the Trendy Travel Blogs?

Vacation and travel blogs can cover just about any topic related to travel, vacations, traveling, activities, stays etc. In addition, topics could include:

Share why you love/like traveling and give an overview of your travel experience.
How long you've been traveling, number of trips and vacations you've been on etc.
Share your experiences on a past or present trip, cruise, travel tours, hotel and resorts stays etc.
Using words, pictures and videos, share what you have done, seen, your likes, dislikes etc.
Share / show the activities in your home town, city which make it a great destination for travelers / vacationers.

How will winners be determined?

Each user blog will be reviewed by CruiseTrust Vacations staff and three winners will be selected for 1 first place prize in 3 different categories.
Winners will be determined based on several criteria including:
The inspiration nature of the blog posting or postings.
The number and quality of blog entries.
The completeness of each user blog including the use of images and videos in entries.
The number of times blog entries have been shared by other members / readers on social media and related sites.
The number and quality of comments added to blog entries.
CruiseTrust Vacations staff will at their sole descretion determine the winners and all decisions are final.

How can I promote my blog so that more people share my links?

Share a link to your blog with your family, friends and fans on Twitter, Facebook etc.
Add a link on any other blog or website you have to your Trendy Traveler Community Blog.
Add a link to your blog to your email signature.
Send an invite to your friends to check out your blog and share the link with their friends.
Ask your friends to vote for your blog / entries as their favorite by clicking the social media links on your blog / entries and sharing your links on their social media pages.

Contest Dates

Contest begins at 12:00 a.m. EST on March 2, 2012

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on August 31, 2012

Contest preview period ends 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1, 2012*

See Traveling for Fun, Adventure and Relaxation Blog Contest Rules

* Blog entries made in TrendyTraveler's Travel Blog during the contest preview period are subject to the same qualification and eligibility rules as entries made during the contest period. ... -contest-1000-cash-prizes

Unbound Press Nonfiction Award
Closing Date: August 31, 2012
We always make an effort to notify winners within 30 days of closing date.
1st Prize – £500, publication in 2012 print anthology, 1 free copy
2nd Prize – £250, publication in 2012 print anthology, 1 free copy
3rd Prize – £125, publication in 2012 print anthology, 1 free copy
Shortlisted – publication in 2012 print anthology, 1 free copy
Honourable Mentions – offer to publish in the quarterly ejournal Spilling Ink Review
Entry fee (per entry): £5 or €8 or $10

Guest Judge: Iain Bamforth
Iain Bamforth grew up in Glasgow, where he attended medical school and indelibly acquired what Robert Louis Stevenson called “the strong Scots accent of mind.” In a varied career as doctor and writer, he has worked as a general practitioner, hospital doctor (in the Ameri­can Hospital of Paris as well as in the Australian outback), editor and translator, and since 2005 as a public health consultant in western Papua, the southern Philippines and other remote parts of south-east Asia. His publications include four collections of poems, a history of modern medicine as told through literature, and a collection of essays on European intellectual history (visit, Works). He writes for Quadrant, Times Literary Supplement, British Journal of General Practice, and has a regular column “Catchwords” on language, culture and ideas in PN Review. Home for the last fifteen years has been on the French side of the Rhine but within hailing distance of Germany. For more information about Iain please visit: (where you can experience the author reading his work, Sound Clips) and also read a selection of Iain’s work, Notebook.
Competition Guidelines

2,200 words max (no minimum).
This year the Nonfiction Award is wide-open to all styles. We welcome everything from creative nonfiction (a style which uses literary techniques to create factually accurate narratives) to journalism to biographies to travel writing to technical writing to articles to essays and letters. This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course, but it does give you an idea of broad spectrum of possibilities.
Multiple entries are accepted but must be accompanied with an entry fee.
Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please let us know as soon as possible if your entry has been accepted elsewhere or won/placed in another writing competition. Entry fees will not be refunded in this case.
Entries may be submitted via email or post. Entries submitted via email must be attached in the form of a Word (doc) or Rich Text Format (rtf). Entries submitted via post must be printed on standard-size paper and double-spaced. Entries sent via post will not be returned (please don’t send your only copy).
Please be kind when formatting and adhere to general rules of courtesy (i.e. 12pt standard font, double-spaced, pages numbered).
Your name, email address or any other distinguishing names should not appear in the body of your submission. For example, please don’t put your name and email address in the header or footer. It is fine to include the title of your submission.
Submissions must be entrant’s own original work and must be previously unpublished (if your work has appeared in an online workshop or a member’s only writer’s chat – etc – it is eligible for this competition).
International submissions are welcomed but all entries must be written in English.
As a condition of submitting, the author must hold the copyright of the entry. If the entry is successful Unbound Press will have one time publicatiopn rights. Copyright remains with the author.
Entries will be judged anonymously and all decisions are final.

How to Enter

You have two options: Online and Postal

Online Entry

You may submit your entry(ies) via email and pay the entry fee(s) online via PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this option. Click the appropriate button below and you’ll be re-directed to a secure PayPal shopping cart. Please notice that you have the option to pay online in GBP (£), EURO (€) and USD ($). If you wish to enter more than one submission you will be given the opportunity to change the quantity on the PayPal shopping cart.
If you do not wish to pay online you may still submit your entry via email and send a cheque via the post. We can only accept cheques for GBP £ from a UK bank. Please make cheques payable to ‘Unbound Press’ and post to: Unbound Press, PO Box 16864, Glasgow, Scotland G11 9DJ.

Once you have a receipt/transaction number submit your entry via email to:
Be sure to cut and paste your PayPal receipt/transaction number into the body of the email (or let me know that payment has been sent via post)
State the competition category in the subject line of your email
In the body of the email please include the following:

Postal Address
Title of Entry and Word Count
PayPal Receipt/Transaction Number

Don’t forget to attach your story! Atachments must be in the form of a Word(doc) or Rich Text Format (rtf). It would also help if the document name is the title of your story.

Postal Entry

Entries submitted via post should be printed on standard-size paper and double-spaced. Please adhere to common formatting (such as 12pt font, Times New Roman – or similar standard font – double-spaced). We do not reject entries based on varied formatting but we do appreciate standard style.
Entries sent via email will not be returned. Please do not send your only copy.
If you do not have an email address or you wish to receive hard-copy confirmation that we received your entry, please include a SASE or postcard.
Postal submissions should be accompanied by a cheque from a UK bank made out to ‘Unbound Press’. We can only accept cheques in GBP (£).
Postal submissions should be accompanied by a coversheet stating the following:

Postal Address
Title of Entry and Word Count
Email address (if available)

If you are more comfortable using a Competition Entry Form, please feel free to click the button below, print and submit with your postal entry.

http://unboundpress.files.wordpress.c ... ompetition-entry-form.pdf

Announcement of Winners
Winners and runners-up will be notified by email after the closing date and results posted on the Unbound Press website. ... d-press-nonfiction-award/

Swanezine Short Story Contest 2012
The Swanezine Short Story Competition 2012 is OPEN

Open Only to UK Residents


Closing date for entries is Friday 31st August 2012
Winning authors and publication will be announced before 14th September 2012

First Prize £30
Second Prize £20
Third Prize £10
Plus Three Short-listed Entries
Plus Commended Entries and Judges' Report
The Competition Rules

Maximum word count: One thousand (1000)
Language English.
There is no set theme; the main criterion being quality work.
We do not accept entries that promote goods, products, or businesses.
Maximum of two entries per author.
Authors can only win one prize per competition.
Entries must be your own work and not submitted to other competitions.
Entries must not have been previously published, or broadcast in any format.
Copyright and Publishing

Authors retain copyright of their material.
The three winning and the three short-listed entries will be announced and published on the Swanezine Short Story and Flash Fiction page before 14th September 2012
Once the three winners and the three short-listed stories have been announced, Swanezine retains the right to publish these stories within a maximum of two weeks from the announcement. To clarify: these stories must NOT be published elsewhere until after their publication on the Swanezine and within two weeks whichever is the sooner; after which all rights revert to the authors upon publication. Note: This does not apply to non winning and non short-listed entries who may submit or publish elsewhere.

Entries are only accepted by E-mail.

In the subject line of your email submission, write: Short Story Competition.

Your story must be in the body of the E-mail: Do NOT send attachments, they will be deleted.

Include your name, address, your E-mail address and word count in the body of the E-mail, and the following disclaimer copied from this page and pasted into the body of your email:

" I ( your name ) confirm that I am the author of this work and that it has not been previously published or broadcast in any form, I agree and accept the rules of this competition"

We do NOT publish winners addresses or e-mail.
The judges' decision will be final and no individual correspondence can be entered into.

Please ensure that you send your Submissions to
If you decide to publish elsewhere before the competition closing date, please inform Swanezine so that we can remove your entry
Prize Money
Payment method: By Cheque or PayPal
We will contact the winners upon announcement to confirm their details.
Submission of an entry to the Swanezine short story competition implies acceptance of all the rules of the competition.

Gemini Flash Fiction Contest
Grand prize: $1,000. Second place wins $100, and we’ve added a third place prize of $50. There will also be three honorable mentions. All six finalists will be published online in the October 2012 issue of Gemini.

Maximum length: 1,000 words. Deadline: August 31, 2012. Absolutely no restrictions on content, style or genre. Both new and established writers are welcome.

We've kept the entry fee reasonable: just $4 ($3 for each additional flash). Enter by email or snail mail.

NO attachments. Do not include bio—just your story and
contact info. Enter as many stories as you like; $4 fee for
first story, $3 for each additional story. Total the entry fees
into one payment:

2 stories = $7
3 stories = $10
4 stories = $13
7 stories = $22


1. Mail entry with $4 check or money order, payable to
Gemini Magazine, to:

Gemini Magazine
Flash Fiction Contest
P.O. Box 1485
Onset, MA 02558 USA

(include $3 for each additional entry; put contact info on
separate page; include SASE for reply)

Postmark deadline: August 31, 2012






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